1. Yay! if i had come up with that cunning plan it would of back fired on me too! Ollie is purely useless with a screwdriver!

    I do love the fact you made it in the end, even if you nearly ended up with a burnt face!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments xx

  2. Excellent post….my partner only met me 9 years ago, but is only 6 months older and our lives followed a similar path before we met. We have a shared history and experience that is priceless, even though we lived 300 miles apart. Everyone’s getting a bit nostalgic at the moment. I really do think it signifies the end of an era, but the resurgence of a lot of old feelings…good, and bad… :)

    • Yes – a lot of the old fights re-surfacing. But, in my view, what that serves is to highlight how far things have moved on since the Thatcher days. People would be laughed out of the room these days, if they claimed there was ‘no such thing as society’.

  3. This is sweet and funny! My husband and I took four years to get together with various stops and starts, I never expected to meet ‘the one’ at 17! So glad it worked out in the end! Happy anniversary for last Monday!

  4. What an absolutely lovely post and beautiful magic moment. You guys sound like a great couple :). Thanks for linking this to PoCoLo lovely lady and for your valued support xx

  5. Ramblings

    Aaah the old I tripped and my lips ended up on yours…. Love it, what a great story of how you got together!

  6. Love this post both that you got your man in the end and he you of course. Also the bit about shared history makes so much sense to me and I think really does help a relationship. The bit about the wonky table is so lovely and sweetly poignant.

  7. Lyn

    This did make me smile. I remember trying to play it cool when I met my husband. My friend went to the loo and, feeling a bit exposed on the dancefloor, I decided to wait by the bar. After an hour of glances and whatnot as I’d waited for him to come to me…yes, I strode up to the bar and stood right beside him. He still teases me for stalking him. Grrrr. ;-) Happy Anniversary.

  8. LOVED this post thanks for sending it over for the BritMums carnival. I must take part in Magic Moments next year it’s the perfect excuse to talk about the good bits we forget about

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