The blog posts that never were

This fortnight, the time pixies have stolen my blogging hours. It’s been the first long holiday since Austin started pre-school, and with two under-fours to look after full-time, there has been little in the way of me-(and my blog) time.

Fortunately, this failure to blog as often as I’d like has coincided with the Tots 100 announcement that slow blogging (ie less frequent, but more considered posts) is the new black. And there I was, thinking I didn’t have time to write because I spent most of the time dreaming up alternatives to scribbling all over the furniture and playing pinch-and-run (Austin’s speciality). But no, instead I’m bang on trend. Hurray!

I do like the idea of slow blogging. Mammasaurus and Curious Lyn have both written wonderful posts about how, if we take the time to stand back and take in what’s happening around us, we improve our creativity and get more balance in our lives.

Sadly, over this holiday I DID feel as though I’d come up with a fair few ideas for decent posts. Just not the time to bash them out on the laptop.

But to avoid overlooking what turned out to be a fantastic fortnight with my two wee youngsters, here’s a quick photo-based rundown of some of our activities, with a little bit of commentary.

The Daddy D took the day off work, and we all went to London Zoo. I have mixed feelings about zoos. When I was younger, I swore I wouldn’t take a child of mine to see an animal that was behind bars. As I’ve got older, a kind of conservatism has taken hold: as long as the zoo is well-maintained, I’d like Austin and Gwen to get the chance to look at amazing creatures they may never see in the wild.
I wanted to expand on this thought in a post, but didn’t get the chance. Instead, here’s a picture of a tiger:

We took a trip aboard Deptford’s Big Red Bus, a pizza restaurant which was the venue for a fantastic interactive show staged by Tea Dance for Little People.

This man probably thinks I’m a stalker. We first ran into him at the beginning of the fortnight, when he was leading a Sounds of London session at the Museum of London. When I noticed the very same fellow performing the Tea Dance show on the Big Red Bus, I took hundreds of photos, and told him the pictures were for a review I’d decided to write. That review hasn’t materialised. But he’s called Paul Rubinstein and both of his performances were excellent, in case anyone’s hiring….

We also spent a decent amount of time just ambling around: leafing through books, playing with tambourines, messing about in the garden, putting stickers onto bits of paper…inspired by an excellent post by Catherine Prescott, I had planned to write about how great this downtime was. Alas, it was not to be.

But all that time spent not writing, was worth every minute. We had a blast.

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19 thoughts on “The blog posts that never were

  1. Glad you enjoyed your mini-holiday. Those blog posts are happy to wait 🙂 I share your feelings about zoos. My other half is quite excited about our sons first visit though so I’d feel like a kill-joy saying no.

    1. I know, it’s a tricky one, isn’t it. I remember loving going to the zoo when I was small. I’d feel mean to deprive them of that.

  2. Love the slow-blogging idea too. I’m just starting out and plan on using it as a reason for a very slow start! Glad you made the most of your time with your little people – some days drag but all together they just fly past, don’t they!

    1. I know! At the time it seemed a very long holiday, but in retrospect it went by in super-quick time. Good luck with the new blog!

    2. ps let me know what your blog’s called and I’ll pop over to say hello!

  3. Gwens coat!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful! Looks like you had a marvellous holiday! I have been a vegetarian since the age of 7 and have been passionately anti-zoo all my life. I have never been (except for one school biology trip) as I refused to go with my parents. Now, however, Leila is desperate to go and I feel awful not taking her. Looks like I will have to go back on my word 🙁 although I hope that seeing the animals makes her feel passionate about their welfare as she gets older.

    1. I reckon you should stick to your principles – she’ll respect you all the more for it. And thanks for saying you like Gwen’s coat. I love it too – I’m going to be so sad when it doesn’t fit her any more!

  4. what a fab post honey!! and so beautifully done with pictures! I love the slow blogging idea although my OCD ways stop me in my tracks and i feel i have to put it all out there!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments xx

    1. It’s a pleasure! Glad you like the pics. I guess slow blogging’s not for everyone. I’ve always liked to take my time about things, so it works for me!

  5. I think you did the right thing, you really did. I had a week away and with the boys having Chicken Pox I kept up blogging, then I had a week at home and I should have played more and written/read less really. I’ll know for next time… 🙂

    1. It looks from your blog as though you had a good time anyway! Glad the boys are all recovered from the pox.

  6. I kind of like you just marking the potential-posts, as it were, so that they can live in our heads. I can assure you they are all extremely witty and well-written in my imagination, well done. 🙂 And I just love looking at pictures of your little girl – mine has similar hair and features and it’s a little glimpse of what she might be like in 6 months time. x Judith

    1. Aah – it’s so nice to see them at different stages. Thanks for being kind about my potential posts! 🙂

  7. Writing posts and hanging out with young kids just don’t mix (as I know very well!) but I think your slow blogging take on it is fab, after all, quality time with those cuties is far more rewarding x

    1. Yes, that’s true. I have to keep telling myself that, as sometimes I’m desperate to rush back to my blog. Hopefully the children will be around for longer than the blog though, so they’re the priority!

    1. Oh my goodness yes! At best I can snatch a moment here and there, and even then I feel guilty for not giving attention to the children/sorting out the tip that is our house. Hope it’s going ok with your new SAHM status!

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