Postcards from the Pigeons

End-of-term Pirate Party

(Pre-) school’s out!

And, as I’ve discovered previously, school holidays when you have two children under the age of four allow barely any time for blogging.

After a few weeks spent living in fear of the moment Austin’s school gates shut for seven weeks, I’ve now decided that, this Summer, Austin, Gwen and I are going to have FUN.

Our Time of Gifts will carry on as normal (a weekly blog), but the Pigeon Pair and Me will be a bit quieter than usual. Instead, I’ll be keeping in touch on this blog via regular Pigeon Postcards, with just a sentence or two describing what we’re up to.

Then we’ll be back in September, to show off our new tans and compare holiday battle scars with the rest of you.

Catch you later. Here’s hoping you all have a blast.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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