A round of a claw – month six, September 2013

Our monthly round-up of Austin and Gwen’s milestones includes something common to most of you parents out there: a first day back at school.

happy dance, with morning refreshments

Nursery pre-school, to be precise, at the local primary. As a November baby, Austin’s been attending since last January, but for this academic year he switched to the morning run of three-hour sessions.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I went through a dilemma about whether to move him to a pre-school with more outdoor space. But, he’s been very happy where he is, the teaching staff are outstanding, and uprooting him felt unnecessary.

So, he’s back. (Almost) the oldest child after most of his playmates from last year moved up to big school. Cue cocky swagger at being the only boy with a picture already above his coat peg, and who knows where to find the milk.

September was the month of Austin’s landmark day, but Gwen didn’t allow this to stop her notching up some notable accomplishments of her own.

If you read last month’s Round of a Claw, which included the first bit of September, you’ll know that our  18-month-old has started giving style advice to Mum. Cas from Mummy Never Sleeps suggested I make this a regular feature.

Just in case you were wondering, here is Gwen herself, in all her splendour:

(the tights-hat was her own creation).

This month, I consulted her about what to wear for my big night out with the Daddy D (we went to the Punchdrunk performance of The Drowned Man. My most memorable evening so far this year – in  a good way).

She told me to wear my “gown”. Of the spotty dressing kind, not the sort Cinderella might wear to a spooky interactive performance in a disused warehouse…..

But Gwen’s big achievement this month doesn’t involve clothes.

Here it comes.

Da, da, daaaaah……

A wee in a potty!

I hope you’ll agree with this proud parent that, this month, the Pigeons have surpassed themselves. Austin and Gwen, I give you a Round of a claw* for September 2013.

*’A round of a claw’ is what Austin has learnt to call a round of applause.

[So now, my dilemma is, do I try and potty train Gwen now? Or put it off until she turns two in Spring, when she’ll be more ‘ready’, and I’ll have had a bit more time to recover from the trauma that was Austin’s training?]

What do you think?

This week I’m linking up with Wot So Funny, run by the magnificent Actually Mummy.

(we paid for the Punchdrunk/National Theatre tickets. They were worth every penny).

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