1. Nell this is so funny! I am so glad that the days of plastic are now over in our house. Having said that, I do still have a rather suspicious-looking box of mouldy items in the bathroom ;) Never had mice though! x

  2. Oooh this is a brilliant post! Mine would be little tiny pieces of debris. AKA “treasure” found by Bean, acorns, shells, those weird smooth bits of glass you find on the beach, leaves, flowers – dead one at that. And stones. Loads of bloody stones. Am SO glad I’m not the only one with festering rubber ducks with green gunk shooting out of their bums! Grim!

  3. *nods in recognition!* and then as they get older you can add in the loud music! wet towels and mouldy cups festering in bedrooms, incomprehensible video games, and boy/girlfriends…. Joy!

  4. I think you’ve read the mind of every mummy on the planet with these summaries! I especially dislike the mould that the bath toys grow after just a few months… oh and the mice ;-) #BlogLoveDay11

  5. Hahahaaa ohh out house looks completely like this. I sometimes visit houses of people with children and their houses look like they have not a single toy in sight. How on earth do they do it??

  6. Haha, sounds like a fine balance between incontinence charts and learning to spell. Hoping the disappearance of one and arrival of the other are symbiotic. Not yet at the stage of having little people but looking forward to it even more now, and that’s not sarcasm… do I remain in the naive stage perhaps? :)

  7. Giggling reading but I can help with bath plastic mould. Put some bleach and water into the bath. Put ducks etc in one at a time, squeezing them before putting into the water so bleach goes in it. Allow to soak a while, stirring to make sure bleach moves inside ducks tummys. When bored of this drain bath and put all in empty dishwasher. The 30-50 degree ish program with no soap. Sorted.

  8. Oh boy! That made me laugh out loud! I love your blog…it is sooo true! My two have recently started to think it great fun to ‘hide’ food in places so that they can have a midnight feast! I am just waiting for the intrusion of small animals (hopefully not!!). The other intruders of our house are noise (!!!!!), train tracks and lego. How many times have I trodden on a said piece of toy…OUCH!
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