Parent bloggers are too cool for school

The other day, someone called me a ‘hipster’ when I told them about my parenting blog.

I was flattered and shocked in equal measure.

Since when has voluntarily spending hours in front of a screen (and then obsessing about it when I’m offline) been trendy?

But, it seems that, increasingly, all us oversharers, wannabe (and actual) writers, social agitators, and blaggers of free stuff are finding ourselves banded together into the cool cats’ camp. Parent blogging appears to be the in-thing of the 2010s.

There was even a week-long feature about it on Woman’s Hour.* Apparently, thousands of parents (5-7,000, depending on who’s doing the reckoning) in this country alone are sending their lives and opinions out into the interweb.

And, in just over two weeks, a big gang of us will be dragging our disparate asses to Kings Cross for Mumsnet Blogfest 2013.

The big guns are coming out for this celebration of what might, just a few years ago, have seemed like a niche activity for techies, nerds, and the stupefyingly socially awkward. No, these days, the word ‘blog’ (or – dare I say it – ‘Mummy blog’) is a draw for the likes of Jo Brand, Jon Ronson, Tim Dowling, Lionel Shriver, Charlotte Raven and Prof Tanya Byron.

Someone asked me whether a blogging conference features ‘actual’ bloggers talking about what they do. And yes: these days, rather than a blog being an add-on, to help project an existing celebrity’s name even further, it’s possible for someone to become a big name off the back of a successful blog. Just take A Girl Called Jack or Glosswitch, both of whom are speaking at Blogfest.

And blogging’s becoming more professional. Over the day, a team of hotshot bloggers will be on hand in a clinic, to give advice on smartening up and re-jigging. And giving meat to Blogfest’s discussions on feminism, changing the world, writing funny stuff and making money. Since I began this blog, almost a year ago, I’ve been inspired by – and received help and support from – the likes of Mammasaurus, Mummy Barrow, Jax Blunt and Sonya Cisco. They’ll all be pitching in, and I’m looking forward to shaking them by a hand that’s real, not virtual.

Hell, I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re organising ourselves into a Bloggers’ Union.

Blogfest 2013, here I come.

Does this mean I’m heading for the in-crowd?

*The fact that I’m using this as an example to prove parent blogging is in vogue, shows I am exactly as cool as a Mum ought to be (ie, not at all).


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5 thoughts on “Parent bloggers are too cool for school

    1. Yep, clear the corridors, here we come! *shrinks nervously into corner* really looking forward to seeing you there!

  1. Oh my gosh – we are cool?? Really? I don’t think I’ve ever been cool. Of course reacting to the news I might be cool in this manner means that, of course, I am not xx

  2. I think the ‘cool’ factor comes from the fact that blogs show that mums do have lives after having children. Years ago, mums were invisible. Even in adverts we were dowdy, interested only in our dish soap or fabric detergent. YAWN! Blogs show that mums are fashionable (see mum style blogs), intelligent (see political debate on ‘mummy’ blogs), and interesting (see mums blogging as they travel the world with a backpack and their babies) and driven (see the incredible careers some blog mums have). Its just sad its taken society so long to realise that ‘cool’ or not, mums are definitely not invisible!

  3. PS huge thank you for including me in your blogroll – coming from a blog I admire so much I really appreciate it xx

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