1. Absolutely! You go into a lot of new houses when you have little ones, & it always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when they are minimalist or adorned by a few tasteful IKEA prints (much as I otherwise love IKEA), & you’re a bit terrified of moving & making the place look untidy. When you admire a new friend’s picture and they smile and tell you a story, that’s when my guard comes down.

    Wonderful, feel-good post. (I hope the car seat went to a very happy home, although I’m sure noone looked as sweet in it as Austin!).
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    • Thank you! I do think he looks very sweet in the car seat, but when I was looking back at these pictures, I also found it difficult to recognise him…weird!

  2. Mummy Plum

    As we prepare to move back to our other house we are shedding some of our old furniture (I am planning to try and gift some of it to FURNISH by the way – inspired by your year of good deeds :-). One of the things we plan to buy new is a kitchen table. The old one owes us nothing, it’s seen better days, but I do feel sad to say goodbye. My Mum and I assembled it ourselves, never having attempted flat packed before and we sprayed the chairs bright colours. I remember it well as it was after a very difficult time in my life and the satisfaction of building it and customising it felt good. If tables could talk, ours would have a lot to say, it’s been privy to alot of good times. It’s time for a new one but I will mourn the old one and the memories I have of it.

    Like you, I am sentimental about pictures and photos. Each year I make Pip’s Great Grandma (91) a photo calendar of him and EB for Xmas. She loves it. A photo or a picture or sometimes even just a letter in the post for older people can really make the difference to their day. Lovely post as ever.

  3. I love this post. My partner doesn’t believe in keeping sentementle pieces although if he did I’d have even more things than I do now and my dining room is bursting at the scenes :/ The things in your house makes a .home
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  4. I love the bear – my youngest is a big fan of all things bear! Our house is a little on the minimalist side for me as OH objects to too much ‘stuff’. I came from a home that was stuffed with memories and antiques that go way back so I am used to ‘stuff’ but his parents are very much the tasteful decor type so I am trying to win him over. Realistically we have a very small house with 4 people in it so we are limited slightly! #blogclub
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