1. My kids have had a few different scooters, but I’ve made the mistake of buying cheaper character ones and we have never had an actual micro scooter branded one – I think rather than buying more of those other ones, I should have just spent and bought these proper ones they do seem to be so much better, and sturdier?
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  2. We are a bit old for micro scooters now (although I know they do them for older kids) but we do use our other generic scooters to get to school every day – couldn’t manage without them. I did look at micro scooters but could never justify the cost. Our scooters have never cost more than £15 a time and tbh they have done the job just fine. I think Bigger Miss’s first scooter was less than a tenner and it lasted over two years! Anyway that aside will take a look at the scooters for schools for our school though as that looks a great idea.
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  3. Ella keeps asking for a scooter to go to school on because she ride her bike at the moment due to being picked up in the car in the afternoons. She said if she had a scooter she could still be picked up because she can fold it up! I’ll have to look into these because I’ve bought cheap ones in the past that go rusty really quickly and I vowed not to keep wasting my money!
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  4. I’d love these for my two so they can whizz along next to me when I’m in my wheelchair. They seem to think it is a perk rather than a necessity, but I’m sure funky scooters like this would soon stop them feeling left out.

    They do look super and I can see why everyone likes them. I do wonder how you manage on the pavements in London though. On a recent trip to London (and off again tomorrow – yay!) I had such trouble finding dropped curbs I had to conduct most of a short ‘walk’ in the road. I guess it depends on there in London you are – it is a big place :-)
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  5. I don’t have a bad word to say about these – I invested in 2 maxis and a micro a couple of years ago for my kids. It was huge expense at the time on our very tight budget, but what swung me was reading several reviews for copycat scooters on Amazon that pretty much all said – ‘don’t buy this to save cash because you’ll end up buying a proper one anyway’ – and I haven’t regretted it once. They’ve had pretty much constant use and also had a big effect on improving physical co-ordination and confidence for my eldest. Fab review!
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