Amazing locations to take your partner this year

belfry in Bruges Belgium

Travelling with your partner can be a great way to bond and re-connect. Especially if you have kids, and you spend your evenings discussing practical stuff, or grunting at each other over a TV dinner. When planning your trip, there are hundreds of locations to choose from. Here are our top locations for romantic getaways with your partner. Some we’ve already been to, and some are top of our travel wish-list.


cherry blossoms in Japan

Japan’s cherry blossoms are guaranteed to melt the heart.

Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world. Its fame and appeal is widespread: almost every individual on the planet knows a thing or two about Japan. Japan is not short of destinations that are favorites among traveling couples. You and your partner can roam around the ancient city of Kyoto, gaze upon the magnificence of Mount Fuji, enjoy the vibrant city of Tokyo, appreciate the eye-pleasing color of the cherry blossom trees, and relax in the country’s luxury hotels and resorts.

Some hotels in Japan are actually designed in a romantic style to appeal to couples. And if you and your partner are animé fans, then both of you will love shopping Japan’s animé merchandise.


Corsica is a Mediterranean island gifted with mountainous landscapes, unique coastal towns and thick forests. The island will offer you and your partner a mix of culture and stunning attractions that’s difficult to find in other destinations. Its beaches boast crystal clear waters and natural white sands.

Couples can visit the historic Calvi Citadel, taking in a history that dates back to the 13th century, and the historic buildings and houses that still stand to this day. Hotels and resorts in Corsica are not hard to find, and you and your partner will be treated with top-notch hospitality.


belfry in Bruges Belgium

Buildings in Bruges date back to medieval times.

Bruges is considered the “Venice of the North” because of its dreamy canals crossing the city center. Bruges offers couples a fairytale, medieval town that you’ll recognise from many romantic and fantasy movies. The city is full of lovely vibrant squares, especially at night when street lights are on. It’s a perfect destination for chocolate lovers.


The colorful, awe-inspiring Northern Lights are the perfect romantic sight to watch with your partner. The best place to see them is in Iceland. The Northern Lights are a must-see for any couple, so make sure you include them on your wish-list.


Maldives beach

The Maldives are islands of dreamy beaces.

The Maldives is the perfect location if you and your partner want to relax, detox and have a break from the norm. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives has consistently been named a number one spot for romantic getaways. It has white sand beaches, clear waters, a tropical climate and a thousand coral islands. Not only that, but when you travel here, there is the option to have the unparalleled experience of staying in overwater bungalows.

Book your flights now to your chosen destinations and surprise your partner. Travel safe and create lasting memories during the trip. Most importantly, enjoy every moment and make the most of your holiday together.

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