Backpacks for men and women: Gaston Luga review

Gaston Luga Praper backpack

Having a decent bag is such an important thing when you’re travelling with kids. When we go on day trips, I need a backpack that’s big enough to carry everything – camera, spare jumper, sometimes even my laptop – as well as extras for the kids. Snacks, books, games to keep them amused…. I sometimes feel as though even Santa’s sack wouldn’t be big enough to cart around all our bits and bobs. So I was excited when Swedish brand Gaston Luga asked us to review their backpacks. I needed a no-nonsense bag that would stand up to the rigours of parenthood. Surely the sensible Swedes would be able to deliver? (Advertorial feature. We received two Pråper rucksacks for this Gaston Luga review. All views are my own.)

Gaston Luga sent us two Pråper backpacks. We chose one in brown and navy, and another in olive and black. The Pråper backpacks also come in plain white or black.

Inside of Gaston Luga Praper backpack

A padded sleeve held our laptops securely in each of our bags.

Both our backpacks were large enough to fit a 15” laptop into the specially designed padded sleeve. D immediately claimed the olive and black bag for his daily commute. It’s not easy to find backpacks for men that stand up to D’s scrutiny, but he was very happy indeed to head off into London’s transport system wearing this Scandi bag.

Gaston Luga review: how durable are Pråper rucksacks?

As for me: I like bags that look good, but which are functional and strong. I hate having to buy a new bag after a few weeks because a strap’s given way. It seems like such a waste. But, sadly, this is what has happened to a lot of my bags over the years. The sheer weight of all those water bottles and cartons of juice means that the seams start to sag after a while. Not to mention the strain it puts on my back!

But Gaston Luga’s rucksacks are designed to last. The chunky fastenings of our Pråper backpacks were sturdy, and the material was strong, durable canvas, with a PU leather trim. The canvas on both of our bags was quite thick to the touch. It reminded me of the way our canvas tents felt, when I went camping with the Guides. The bags didn’t look at all like a dowdy tent, though. I was as pleased with my navy and brown number as D was with his.

close-up of Gaston Luga Praper backpack

The Gason Luga backpacks were made of sturdy canvas.

These Pråper rucksacks are the largest bags Gaston Luga sell. Their total capacity is a whopping 18 litres. The space inside is big enough to carry chunky items like jumpers, but there are also a couple of internal pockets to stash a wallet or a phone – and a ‘secret’ outside pocket, which sits securely against your back when you’re wearing the bag.

Gaston Luga Praper backpack

A ‘secret’ pocket holds a phone or wallet securely against the wearer’s back.

If you wanted a smaller version, Gaston Luga sell six other styles, from the dinky Clässy mini, just bigger than a piece of A5 card, to the 16 litre Kämpis. Depending on which style you choose, colours range from pink and grey to burgundy and midnight blue.

If you would like to buy a Gaston Luga bag or backpack, the company is offering a discount for visitors to this website. You just need to use my discount code PIDGEONPAIR for 15% off (yes, there IS a ‘d’ in that code 😊). Gaston Luga also run other offers from time to time. At the moment they are giving away an Årlig travel bag with every rucksack. Just head to the Gaston Luga website to find out more.

Gaston Luga Praper backpack

Gaston Luga have a good selection of backpacks for me. For women, too!

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