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If you have to wear glasses you will know that they can be expensive. But, because they are essential and you have to wear them all day, every day, you have no choice but to spend that money. If not, you end up wearing frames that you don’t really like. Often, they can be uncomfortable, too.

One way to potentially get around this issue is to buy your eyeglasses online. You will still have to go to an optician’s shop to have your eyes tested. But once you have your prescription you can buy what you need anywhere you want.

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Make sure your prescription is up to date

This first tip is obvious. But an awful lot of people don’t go and get a new prescription before ordering online. Or worse: they send off the wrong one. So, before you order, sit down and ask yourself if the prescription you are currently wearing is still right for you.

Weigh up the pros and cons of the different lenses types

Most of the time, you will want to stick with the kind of lenses you always buy. But, sometimes it might be wise to make some changes. For example, if you have a new job that requires you to spend more time in front of a screen, you may need an anti-reflective coating.

Use a virtual mirror to choose the right frame shape for you

Eyeglass frame fashions change regularly, so it would be a shame not to tap into this, and update your look. Increasingly, online eyewear retailers are providing their customers with the ability to try on different frame types, using a virtual mirror.

It really is worth doing. Take your time and try on as many different pairs as possible. Often, you will be surprised by which frames suit you the most.

If the website you want to buy from does not have a virtual mirror, just use one on another website. That will let you see if the shape of the frame you are considering really does work for you. A lot of retailers now use a quiz to help buyers to narrow down their options. So, use that too.

Make sure they are a practical choice

When choosing the frame size, be careful not to compromise the functionality of your glasses. For example, very narrow frames are rarely a good idea for bifocals.

Other things to bear in mind

Buying glasses online is growing in popularity, which suggests that it works well. But, bear in mind that usually you only get your eye test for free from an optician if you go on to buy a pair of glasses from them.

Plus, if you needed to have a pair that you bought elsewhere adjusted to fit better, you would usually have to pay a small fee for that, too. But, as you can see here, it may be possible for you to make the adjustments yourself.

So, remember to factor those costs in when choosing which glasses to buy. Usually, buying online will still work out to be a good option.

Do you have any tips for buying eyeglasses online?

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