Campingaz 600 SG XCelerate (review) – testing out the camping stove with grill

Campingaz 600 SG camping stove with grill

Sometimes, you need a camping stove with a litle more oomph. The  Campingaz 600 SG Xcelerate‘s name promised just that, conjuring up a whizzy racing car. It claims a 50% reduced boiling time on a regular camping stove, and it has its own legs, so you don’t have to hunt around for a table to sit the stove on.

When Campingaz asked us to try out their high-spec camping stove, we were pleased to say yes. Not only because it would be handy for camping trips, but because we’ll be having work done on our kitchen over the summer. The Campingaz 600 would be powerful enough to act as a substitute stove for a few days, out in the garden, while we were waiting for the kitchen work to be done.

Setting up the Campingaz 600 SG camping stove

Campingaz 600 SG XCelerate camping stove

The Campingaz SG folds down into a briefcase-sized unit.

I carried the Campingaz 600 over the road to our local park, to practise setting it up. The whole unit, legs and all, folded down neatly, with a sturdy metal carry handle. At 10.7kg it was pretty weighty, though, so I wouldn’t take it on a camping trip where a lot of hiking was involved. The weight of the gas or propane cylinder would also need to be added on top. The Campingaz 600 operates off all 3kg-15kg cylinders, with the appropriate regulator.

Assembly was easy, and took less than minutes. The telescopic legs extended smoothly. The waxed linen shelf under the stove slotted in easily, and I screwed the wipe-clean side trays in by hand, using the wingnuts provided. The trays weren’t strong enough to handle the weight of a pan filled with water, say, but they were sturdy enough for a couple of plates. This would be an easy camping stove to whip out quickly, while someone else was putting up the tent, to avoid keeping hungry children waiting too long.

Campingaz 600 SG camping stove

The grill units on the Campingaz 600 sat on top of the burners

The Campingaz 600 came with two cooking options: grill units, or pan stands. The dishwasher-safe grill units needed a little water in the base for them to work. The enamel pan stands (also dishwasher-safe) offered wind protection, to support the Xcelerate technology.

Campingaz 600 SG XCelerate camping stove

The camping stove’s pan stands protected the burners from wind.

The Campingaz 600 was a smart piece of kit, and the metal fittings looked hard-wearing.

Campingaz 600 SG XCelerate camping stove

Cooking on the Campingaz 600 SG Xcelerate camping stove

We sourced some gas from our local supplier, and put the Campingaz 600 to work outside, on our patio. The stove should never be used indoors, but in our back garden it made a more sophisticated alternative to our charcoal barbeque.

Campingaz 600 SG Xcelerate camping stove

The 600 SG camping stove has a range of different cooking options. Here we used the grill at the same time as the windblock pan supports.

The Xcelerate burner technology lived up to its name. In our sheltered garden, the pasta took just five minutes to bring to the boil, after we’d ignited the burner using the Pietro press switch. The grill unit took three minutes to heat up. The fat from the sausages ran down the grill’s slightly curved non-stick cooking surface, and went into the water in the tray underneath. All in all, it was a relatively mess-free way of cooking. All the extra trays around the stove meant that plating up for the family, plus Granny and Grandad who joined us, was pretty easy.

family picnic in the garden

family picnic in the garden

Verdict on the Campingaz 600 SG Xcelerate camping stove

I wouldn’t take this stove on a wild camping trip, where we had to walk for any distance. But it was light enough to carry from the car to a campsite. It’s a nice-looking piece of kit that will make cooking for the family easy when we next go away under canvas. The Xcelerate burner technology was a real bonus. Nobody wants to wait hours for their cup of tea! At between £120 and £160, it’s a camping investment piece, which would be handy for summer barbeques at home as well as camping trips.

Campingaz sent us the 600 SG to test out in this review. All views are my own. You can buy the Campingaz 600 SG Xcelerate here.

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And if you’re looking for a family tent to go with your Campingaz 600 SG, we tried out the Coleman Cabral. I highly recommend it!

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  1. July 12, 2018 / 5:22 pm

    We have a stove very similar to this (it might be last year’s model in fact) and absolutely LOVE it. Such a good piece of kit which will be used year after year x

    • Nell
      July 13, 2018 / 12:05 pm

      That’s good to know! Ours does look as though it will serve us well for a few years.

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