Six ways to capture and relive your holiday memories

Miffy postcards

With the early May Bank Holiday smashing all records for warm, sunny weather, it feels as though the UK’s rushing headlong towards holiday season. But of course, come September it’ll be over in a flash. I like to try and hang on to that carefree feeling for as long as possible. So I’ve put together a selection of bits and pieces that I’ve spotted, or been sent recently. With just a smidgen of creative input, they can all help capture some of the most special holiday memories.

Which ones do you like? And what would you add?

Create a holiday playlist

Nothing gets the holiday memories flowing like a favourite song – the track that got the whole family singing along in the car, or the music that drifted from your earbuds while you relaxed at the poolside. If you create a holiday playlist before you leave, and use it as the ‘soundtrack’ to your trip, you can relive the holiday feeling when you get back, just by listening. Pick a portable digital radio to accompany you on your travels. We love the look of this VQ Hepburn Mk II digital radio and alarm clock, with FM and Bluetooth.

VQ Hepburn MkII

Decorate a holiday memories storage box

If you don’t want to throw out the menu from that restaurant where you ate the most delicious pasta, or the ticket stub from the gallery where your kids had their first introduction to the Dutch Golden Age, why not make a box, for all your holiday memories? All you need is a large unpainted wooden storage box like this one. Just decorate it in a style that reminds you of your holiday – or even better, get your kids to do it. Those street maps and city guide pamphlets might come in useful if you decide to go back one day, too.

Send postcards (we choose Miffy!)

Postcards are a much-missed tradition, judging by reactions to the recent post I wrote on how travel has changed. So I was delighted when the Miffy crew sent us some postcards, for our next trip.

Miffy postcards


Miffy was created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna over 60 years ago, to entertain his small son while on a rainy seaside holiday in Holland. Fans of the Miffy books, and the recent TV series, Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small, will love these colourful cards. They’re the perfect beginner postcard, for little ones who’ve just learned to write – or for older children and adults to send to Miffy fans back home.

Buy fridge magnets – then use them to display your holiday pictures

If you like to pick up fridge magnets as souvenirs from your travels, then you can put them to good use. Just print out a few of your favourite holiday photos, and use the magnets to pin them up on a magnetic whiteboard, like this one. It can make for a nice reminder of your travels – something the whole family can reminisce over.

Play with toys that remind you of your travels – for us, it’s the Sylvanian Families Town range

Sylvanian Families

Children learn and grow immensely when they travel. One way to strengthen that development when they get back home, is to encourage imaginative play based around the trip. We recently went to Paris, and ate a delicious meal as a birthday treat for Grandma. Our daughter’s been reliving this moment by playing with her Sylvanian Families Delicious Restaurant set.

The Delicious Restaurant is part of the new Sylvanian Families Town range. Our set came with a little story book that described how Freya from the Chocolate Rabbit family celebrated her birthday in her dad Coco’s restaurant. There’s even a birthday cake, and all the teeny-tiny tableware you’d expect from Sylvanian Families.

Sylvanian Families

You can buy items from the Town range at retailers like Smyths or Argos. If you’d rather something different to a restaurant, there are other items, including a Gelato Shop (to relive a trip to Italy?), or a Ride Along Tram (San Francisco?).

Fill in a holiday scrapbook

A scrapbook is a good way to channel kids’ creativity when back home – and to keep those holiday memories lingering a little longer. You’ll find some nice custom-made holiday scrapbooks on the market, like My Holiday Scrapbook, by Lonely Planet Kids. Fill them with tickets stubs, jottings, thoughts and dreams. Anything that helps that holiday feeling live a little longer.

What would you choose?


We were sent some items to review. This post contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small amount of commission for any purchase made. All views are my own.

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