Creating a family work area: top tips

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Creating the ideal family work area

Creating a multi-functional area for your whole family to use is something that’s growing in popularity as our lifestyles change. Now, as home working is becoming more of a permanent fixture, and as homework levels have increased, a family work area can be a fantastically practical choice.

You may be thinking of setting a family work area up in your home. But before you start setting up your new space, you may wish to consider a few important options.

An area that suits everyone

Location and layout are perhaps the two most important things to consider when setting up a work area for your family. It’s likely to be in an area that everyone can easily access or already uses. If you’ve got an open plan layout to your home, this new space could be easier to fit in. But there are lots of spaces around the home you could utilise.

Think about that space under the stairs, in the dining room or at the top of the stairs. There’s usually somewhere handy you can fit a bit of desk space that everyone can use.

Of course, if you’re planning to be working from home whilst your children work on school or craft projects, you may need a bit more space. So, you may want to consider adding a garden room or converting a garage space.

Stylish yet practical décor

If you’re planning to refurb your interior to create your family work area, there are some practical decisions to think about. And of course, it needs to have a bit of style too. You may be thinking of making changes to suit your new work/home balancing act. So, floors, walls and furniture need to be both homely and practical for work and study.

Solid yet warm flooring, such as engineered wood floorboards and parquet laminate flooring are two options that tick a lot of boxes. Good local flooring fitters could do this for you, or if you’re on a tighter budget, it’s also possible to fit yourself.

Paint, rather than wallpaper, is great for decorating multi-functional rooms. You can use subtle changes in colour or tone, to create zones for areas of a room. So, for example, a work zone could be a peach colour and the rest of the room a terracotta. Or, for a simple zoned work area, try a painted arch above a desk. And with painted walls, it’s easy to redecorate as your needs change too.

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