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Not all people like road trips. Some people consider this way of travelling to be uncomfortable, but we can only suppose that those people didn’t try it. All you need to do is hop in your car and head off to another city, alone or with your family, and it’s impossible to remain unimpressed by the trip. Of course, there are some drawbacks to this way of travelling. For instance, it’s impossible to travel long distances in a short time. And it’s easy to get bogged down by the number of different things you need to take on your journey, especially if you’re travelling for the first time.

Yes, there can be some drawbacks, but they are easily forgotten once you see amazing landscapes, drive through cities in the night, and see all the other marvellous sights that a road trip brings. We want all beginners to be well-prepared for their road trip, so here is a list of the essentials that you’ll find useful. Save this article to your mobile phone, and use it as a checklist while packing your bags. We’re hoping to help you fall in love with road trips forever. Let’s get started!

The cooler bag

Going on a road trip means you need to buy a large number of things to take with you, and some of them will be perishable, so a cooler bag is the first thing you need to buy. This bag will be especially useful in summer, when you will want to drink cool water and other cold drinks, but don’t have unlimited money to be constantly buying drinks from grocery and fast food stores you see while driving to your destination. A cooler bag doesn’t need to cost much; it’s possible to find high-quality and budget bags online.

A place to sleep

If you can sleep in the car, you can skip this item, but car seats often aren’t comfortable places for sleeping. Some travelling road trippers choose to purchase tents, find a place to park their car and put up their tent on the ground. But there’s a better alternative to the traditional tent, which you must try at least once: a car roof top tent, for example, Darche intrepidor 2. These tents are easy to install, keep you protected from the rain, wind, and wild animals that may bother you in traditional tents, and usually have enough space for two or more people to sleep comfortably.

Portable charger

It’s best to buy a charger with a large battery capacity: no less than 20,000 mAh. Your smartphone isn’t just a way to stay in contact with your closest loved ones, and to share the sights on your social media. It’s also your navigation device, so a portable charger is one of the most necessary accessories. A portable battery will also help you to charge your camera, torch, or any other device that may die.

First aid kit

You must have this item in your car, but it’s not enough for it just to be present. You need to do an inventory of which medicines are in your first aid kit, and make sure you have all the necessary ones. First of all, you need the items for injuries: plasters, antiseptic, arnica cream. Take some painkillers as well as pills that stop diarrhea, and antihistamines or medicines that help to relieve the symptoms of poisoning. You never know what will happen to you out on the open road, so the more medication you take, the better. Some pharmacies sell first aid kits for travellers. Do ask to see them; it might be worth your buying them.

Bug spray

No matter where you sleep, in a car or a tent, you’ll have to keep your windows slightly open so that fresh air can circulate. But that means you won’t sleep alone: your dreams will be accompanied by “pleasant” buzzing in your ears. But buzzing isn’t the worst part of it. These bugs often bite and this can keep you awake, so buy a spray or lotion and slather it on the exposed parts of your body, and no one bug will bite you in the night. Insect repellents are one of the safest ways to protect yourself from bugs, so don’t worry about them causing you any harm.

Clothes and shoes

Although we recommend packing light, you can’t set off on your trip with only one set of clothes. They may get dirty or wet; moreover, don’t forget that you may want to change your look occasionally. Clothes don’t occupy much space, especially in a car, so take a few t-shirts, trousers, trainers, and warm clothes to feel comfortable at night and to avoid catching a cold. Also, make sure you don’t forget to take the necessary amount of socks and underwear.

Automotive tools set

You are probably not a professional mechanic, but each driver needs to get hold of an automotive set, and make sure he or she have the tools to repair a small breakage. And every driver needs to anticipate and prepare for certain emergencies. Buy a few screwdrivers, a lug wrench, jump leads, a tool for measuring tyre pressure, tool for charging a flat battery etc. You must also make sure you have a spare tyre, and know how to replace it without having to call out roadside assistance.

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