Family travels: 10 tech items you should never leave without

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Technology has become essential for our everyday lives, and also (if not especially) for our travels. When it comes to family travel, in particular, access to technology can help make a trip go more smoothly.

Here are 10 tech items you should always bring with you while travelling.

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1. Tablet or Kindle

There’s something special about turning over pages of a book, but bringing lots of books on a trip for multiple family members weighs down your luggage. So pack a tablet or Kindle so you can enjoy a good book (or a few!) while on holiday.

2. Apps

Apps are especially useful when travelling. Language apps and offline apps, for example, are popular when going to a country where people speak a different language. Imagine you are visiting Poland, for example. You’ll want to know the right words when you don’t speak the language! You can use a language app such as Babbel to learn some phrases like how to say ‘thank you’ in Polish, for example, and consult it during your travels so you feel more confident getting around. Other popular travel apps include: Travel List, FlightTrack Pro, Google Maps, CityMaps2Go, and FoodSpotting.

3. Offline entertainment

Offline entertainment, like music and movies, is something you should set up before departure. You want to download any offline entertainment while you’re on WiFi, so you have access to all the content, no matter whether you are up in the air on a plane, or simply without data roaming during your trip. Being able to set your kid up with a 20-minute show somewhere you don’t have data, and while you sort out the rest of your day, is absolutely worth the effort.

4. Headphones


Headphones are an essential item on any family packing list.

Headphones are necessary, especially while you and your kids are on your way to and from destinations during your travels. If one kid wants to watch something, one wants to listen to an audio book, and you and/or your partner don’t want to listen to either, headphones can make for a much more enjoyable travel day for everyone.

5. Power bank

While travelling and exploring new places, it’s likely you’ll constantly have maps on your phone, and will be snapping photos on your smart device… and you don’t want to run out of battery for all of this! ANd you’ll need battery life so you can find your way home at the end of the day, of course. Always keep a power bank in your bag, and charge it again at the end of the night.

6. Camera

A camera is a key tech item to bring during your travels so you can document your experiences. You can bring a digital camera if you want to level up from your phone photography, an underwater camera if you are going somewhere tropical, and/or a retro camera to capture shots in a creative style. Just remember to upload your photos as you go, in case you lose your camera. You don’t want to lose your photos, too!

camera lens

Make sure you look after your camera and lenses!

7. Hard drive / USB pen

A hard drive or a USB pen is a small yet useful item to keep any important travel documents on, as well as to back up any photos. Many people choose to upload content to the cloud, but on the off-chance that the upload doesn’t work, it’s great to have another option. A USB pen is also a good item to have in case you need to save and print something.

8. Universal Travel Adapter

A Universal Travel Adapter is necessary when traveling abroad. You’ll want to keep your items charged and safe, and this tech item will give you the ability to plug in, wherever you are.

9. Tile

Tile is a tech item you can use to keep track of important physical items. You just attach it to an important item and if it gets lost, you can find your things by simple accessing the app and letting it track any item.

10. Portable entertainment

Portable entertainment such as Chromecast enables you to sync up with tech and relax no matter where you are. This is a great item to have just in case you want it. After all, sometimes it is nice to just relax with your family and watch a movie you know you all enjoy.

Are there are any technology items that you always bring with you during your travels?

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