Fantastic Gardeners: review of the London-wide gardening services


September is home improvement month for us. We’re upgrading my daughter’s bedroom from cutesy nursery, into a hidey hole fit for a little-big girl. The kitchen and downstairs bathroom are being remodelled. And part of our garden is about to be torn up, with new patio laid. We’re in desperate need of some gardening services.

And there is a lot of dust in our house right now.

One of the reasons for remodelling the kitchen was to have better access to the garden. It’s only really a patch of grass, but it’s a reasonable size by London standards, and we’re lucky to have somewhere the children can run around in. Over the summer, we were so busy travelling around that we neglected the poor thing. So I was pleased when Fantastic Gardeners offered to demonstrate their gardening services, so we could review their work.

Who are Fantastic Gardeners?

Fantastic Gardeners is part of Fantastic Services. As well as gardening, they offer cleaning, building work, pet services, waste removal and handyman help. Fantastic Services operates a bit like ‘not on the high street’ for home services, putting London-based customers in touch with local gardeners.

I spoke to a pleasant, courteous telephone operator to book the date for our garden service, and the email confirmation showed Fantastic’s ‘gardening services near me’ would be Garden Envy Landscape Services.

Fantastic Gardeners: what happened on our garden makeover

Our two gardeners arrived in Fantastic uniforms, looking professional and smart. Had I been paying for their time, they would have provided good value for money, as they set to work with gusto, motoring up and down with the lawn mower. Our garden had become very overgrown, and as well as hacking back the weeds and bushes, our forsythia tree needed pruning. Fantastic managed to transform what had been an embarrassing mess into a rather pretty garden.

garden in London


garden in London after gardening services


The Fantastic team arrived a bit later than expected, but it had been bucketing down with rain so their previous job over-ran. I had a call to say exactly when they would arrive.

hedge of garden in London


hedge of garden in London after gardening services


Which gardening services does Fantastic Gardeners cover?

Fantastic Gardeners covers garden clearance and maintenance, landscaping and design for a garden makeover, tree surgery, fence installation and patio cleaning, lawn care services including grass cutting, turfing and gutter clearing.

The job I asked Fantastic Gardeners to do was a combination of garden landscaping and maintenance. As well as tidying up the lawn, hedge and forsythia tree, and clearing all the weeds, they put a new border on the flower bed, and firmed up the lawn edging around it.

Fantastic’s team includes skilled landscape gardeners, but I’m not sure our job would have been covered by the basic garden maintenance price of £49 per hour (which includes two workers). The Fantastic Gardeners website is quite clear that a maintenance job is mowing, weeding, trimming, pruning and leaf removal. Garden edging, for instance, might bump the price up. Fantastic’s gardening services come as a tailored package, so it’s worth having a ‘to-do’ list when you book, to see if the amount you want to pay covers all the services you need.

garden in London


garden in London after gardening services


Does the gardening services cost include waste removal?

Also, if you need more than a regular tidy-up, bear in mind that the basic cost covers removal of 180 litres of waste. Cutting back our forsythia tree created more waste than that, which we would have had to pay for. Luckily though, we were able to put the  branches into our skip, alongside all the rubble from our kitchen.


Would I recommend gardening services from Fantastic Gardeners? Yes, I would. They were polite, easy to book, and did a great job. There’s even a Fantastic app, and you get a discount if you decide to continue using them on a regular basis. They’re not the cheapest local gardening services, but their quality was tip-top. If we were having a party or another special occasion where we need the garden to look super-smart, they’d be my first port of call to cover all those niggling garden jobs.

Fantastic Gardeners offer garden maintenance in London from £49 per hour, for a team of two. We received a service free of charge for the purpose of this review.

If you’re interested in buying new garden furniture, once your garden has been smartened up, I’ve written a guide on how to pick the best garden furniture for a changeable climate.

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  • Mary Maguire
    June 22, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    How do I see what the garden maintenance covers. I have used the company before.


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