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Here are a few of my favourite posts, which all featured on the Mumsnet Bloggers Network front page, or as Blog of the Day:

The Seven Ages of Santa

The black and blue of parenting injuries

TV shows they ought to bring back

How to survive your child’s first week at school

The five selfies of parenthood

Swinging through the Summer

“Swinging dick” or life of domesticity?

Our Children, the Soothsayers?

Parent bloggers are too cool for school

Home is the Heart of Online Activism

Dear Lucy…..

The Art of Seduction

A Country Tale

The circle of friends


As well as the Pigeon Pair and Me, I write for several online publications. If you’d like to find out more, email me: nellheshram@gmail.com. I can also be found on Twitter, Pinterest, facebook and Instagram

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