February arts & culture round-up: museums and art galleries

February arts & culture round-up: museums and art galleries

Did you know there are over 300 museums and art galleries in London? And did you know that Team Honk are calling for people to #passtheproud, and sign themselves up for a physical challenge to raise money for Sport Relief this March?

Well, I put these two facts together and have decided to do a one-day museum dash, on Saturday 19 March. Will I be able to take in all 300+ museums, during opening hours? Err no, I don’t think so. But I’m going to ‘visit’ as many as I can between 10 am and 4 pm – and when I say visit, I mean run in, snap an exhibit, then run off to the next place. I’ll get around by bus, tube and shanks pony, and concoct some kind of travel plan to try and fit in as many as possible. Wish me luck!

(If you are a central London museum or art gallery reading this and would like me to turn up on your doorstep on the 19th, please let me know in the comments below, or email me at nellheshram@gmail.com.)

And so, we move on to a slightly shorter round-up than usual. January’s always a quiet month in the arts world, and the UK weather’s never conducive to much outdoor action. So I thought I’d focus on some posts that give suggestions of places you can go to shelter from the storms. Next month, we’ll have a bumper round-up of arts and cultural activities over half term, so please email, Tweet or post as comments your posts on theatre, historical visits, museums, galleries or cinema.

Starting with my home town (and the place where I’ll be doing my dash), we have two posts describing the Museum of London. The Gingerbread House visited their current exhibition, The Crime Museum Uncovered, and I stumbled across the London 2012 Olympic Cauldron there too (I never knew it was at the Museum of London. Did you?)

Also in London:

A Beautiful Space visited the Chris Beetles Gallery

The Gingerbread House went to Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the British Library

Suitcases and Sandcastles has written a brilliant post on the ten best art experiences for kids in London

2.4 Dad discovered a children’s playground in the Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

Moving on from the capital:

38 to 39 has written a review of the David Jones exhibition at Pallant House

Robert from Family Travel Times went to the Air and Space Museum, Washington DC (by Robert)

And in the Netherlands, Mummy Travels went to the Amsterdam Museum of bags and purses, and A Bavarian Sojourn encountered some Dutch Old Master and stroopwafel blackmail when she took the family to the Rijksmuseum.

Over in Russia, Kidding Herself found it very difficult to convince her kids of the merits of the State Historical Museum, Moscow.

Finally, if art galleries and museums really aren’t your thing, then there were some other cold-weather options:

Chelsea Mamma had a view from the Shard, London

The Parent Game went aboard the SS Great Britain in Bristol

and Mini Travellers went inside Birmingham’s new library, with the kids.

Where have you been sheltering from the storms? Don’t forget to tweet or email me your links to arts and culture posts!

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