Festival fashion: how not to lose your kids

Fat Face

Hands up who’s just back from Glastonbury. I was sorry to miss it; I would’ve loved to have caught Florence and the Machine, and the Unthanks.

But then, it’s been years since I’ve been to a music festival – the proper type, where you camp. Since we had kids, in fact. Just the thought of hanging out in a field, with the danger that my small boy might bolt into the dancing herd, was enough to give me palpitations.

But now our tiny bolter has grown up into a sensible(ish) five-year-old. And my daughter doesn’t like to leave our sides, which can be annoying when you want five minutes’ peace to go to the loo. But it’s a bonus in a crowded field.

So, this year we’ve signed ourselves up for the Green Man festival, in the Brecon Beacons. And I’m nervous. Despite their being older, there’s still the chance our kids might get lost….eek.

Fat Face challenged me to style their South Coast Brights collection for a festival, and it set me thinking. In the past I posted a top travel tip for families: dress your children in vibrant colours, so they can easily be spotted.

Wouldn’t that work just as well for Mums? So, if your child wanders off, they can see you from afar? I’d like to hope that Austin and Gwen would be able to pick me out easily, in this mini cap sleeve fluro t-shirt (trust me, the peach stripes are brighter than they look in this picture).

Fat Face

Bright stripes….hopefully my children will be able to spot me at Green Man

Neon colours are a hot trend for this summer. They were starting to edge their way into the more exclusive resorts last year, but Summer 2015 has seen a lot more diversity in the ranges available. Putting on a cheery neon blue or peach t-shirt is a great way to say, ‘hey, I’m on holiday now. Let’s head down to the poolside bar, and find a cocktail to match my peachy stripes’.

And I’ve been surprised at how sophisticated neon can look, especially when styled with a tasteful bag, or neutral denim shorts.


Fat Face sell a range of classic, white or neutral items which perfectly complement the brights. I decided to couple my peach neon stripe t-shirt with a large leather buckle tote bag, which, as well as looking beautiful, is large enough to put everything in that you need for a day at a festival. I suspect it will also accompany me on flights and day trips all through the summer, as it’s the ideal size for loading up with tissues, wipes, spare clothes for the kids, snacks, bottles of water, a book or two…..

So…here I am, all ready to be spotted by the children when they (inevitably) wander away from our side.

Fat Face

Fingers crossed the neon’s bright enough.

Do you have any tips for travelling to festivals with kids?

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  • Kate Williams
    June 30, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    Argh! I am in love with the top and the bag – very jealous!! Might have to have a little look in the Fat Face in town tomorrow….

    • Nell
      June 30, 2015 at 6:46 pm

      They do have some gorgeous stuff this season. The top’s online only I think, but there’s all sorts of other brights. Feels the right thing to wear in this heat!


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