Five cool things to do with kids in the UK

central London skyline

Holidays are a great opportunity for spending time with your family. If you are planning to go on a European holiday, I’d highly recommend visiting the UK. There’s so much to do here. The country hosts plenty of sports tournaments, from local football through to international matches. Visitors can take one of the regular tours around London, Windsor, or Kensington Gardens. If you’re travelling with the family, here are five cool things to do with kids in the UK.

Go on a canal boat

Spend your weekend on a canal boat as you travel across one of the UK’s many canal routes. In Central London, one canal stretches from Paddington Arm to the River Thames. The kids are bound to enjoy the excitement of a ride on the canal and to bring in a bit of variety, if you pack the bikes they can cycle alongside you on the canal towpath.

Visit a live football game anywhere in the UK

There are few sports that Brits love more than football. With so many football leagues across the country, you can catch a football game in a city stadium as well as a county stadium. Go and watch a live football game with your kids, and you may well see one or two football superstars. If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to take a photo with them.

Go on a tour of London museums

V&A in Museumland London

London’s museums are remarkable, both inside and out.

London is peppered with family-friendly museums, many of them within walking distance of each other. They’re so close together that on a charity dash, I managed to pass through the doors of 26 museums in one day – although I wouldn’t advocate dragging kids round to as many as that! Tours run at several museums, including the British Museum, whose collection reflects the country’s colonial history. The ancient Egyptian section is particularly worth a visit.

Visit Buckingham Palace

The UK has always placed a lot of emphasis on the maintenance of its castles, and the historic monuments dedicated to the royals who have ruled the kingdoms for centuries. But you don’t need to go far to see castles. Visit Buckingham Palace at Westminster to get an insight into where the royals live, and to introduce your kids to the stone-still guards on the palace’s gates. Buckingham Palace’s State Rooms open to the public every summer. Who knows – you might even catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II herself.

Tour on a London double-decker bus

Millbank London as seen on a Duck Tour

Taking a bus tour (or a Duck Tour!) is a good way to see a lot of London’s interesting areas and buildings.

For a taste of real London life, get yourself an Oyster card and ride the double-decker buses that ferry commuters around London. Some double-deckers have been adapted into open-top buses, with no roofing on the upper deck. These open-top tour buses are a great way to see the whole of central London. And if you’re looking for even more of a thrill, you can try a Duck Tour. These tours feature military vehicles dating back to WWII, which were used on D Day to transport troops across the Normandy beaches. With a tour guide on board, they trundle round Westminster and central London, before turning into a boat and splashing into the Thames for a water-based ride. It’s an awful lot of fun.


Wherever you go, the UK’s likely to bring you some surprises and delights. During the spring and summer, there’s less rain and more flowers and greenery. But the winter can be an exciting time too, with plenty of festive attractions, especially in London.

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