Transit by FLIP Fabrique at Underbelly Festival, London. A review

FLIP Fabrique Transit

The slogan of Québécois circus troupe FLIP Fabrique is, ‘we do circus’. But from what I saw at Transit, the show that’s currently playing at the Underbelly Festival on London’s Southbank, to just call FLIP Fabrique circus performers would be like saying the Taj Mahal is a large white building. Both facts are true. But Transit’s cast of five men and one woman managed, in one short hour, to make me, my husband and our two young children gasp in awe, roar with laughter, and glow with joy. Transit was so much more than simply circus.

Transit by FLIP Fabrique

What is FLIP Fabrique?

FLIP Fabrique is a small circus troupe from Québec City, in Canada. The performers are French speaking, and the small amount of dialogue in Transit moved between French and English. It was a performance about travel. Transit opened with the men of the troupe trapped inside a packing crate. Solo female Jade Dussault unleashed the box and the five men all came tumbling out, a tangle of sinewy muscle, dreadlocks and beards. The crew were on the road, waiting for an Air Canada flight that was delayed…and delayed…and delayed. Luckily for us. Because while they were waiting, the circus buddies entertained themselves by practising their skills of juggling, diabolo-tossing, aerial gymnastics and hula-hooping.

Transit by Flip Fabrique

Agile strength in Transit. There was plenty of it.

Transit’s cast of beautiful hipsters wouldn’t look out of place in a craft brewery. But their jaunty energy, from Jérémie Arsenault‘s lithe cheekiness and Jasmin Blouin‘s merry backflips to Jonathan Julien‘s solid strength, suggested these athletes lived a life of rigorous training rather than boozy hedonism. Their CVs are impeccable, with stints at Cirque Eloize and Cirque du Soleil. All that training and experience seems to have produced a bunch of fun-loving demi-gods. I lost track of the number of hula hoops the toned Jade Dussault sent whirling round different parts of her body. And there was an appreciate cheer from men in the row behind us, when Pierre Rivière took off his top to show off his taut torso, before gyrating magnetically on the aerial straps.

aerial gymnastics in Transit by FLIP Fabrique

Pierre Rivière gave a stunning performance on the aerial straps

What age is Transit suitable for?

Naked torsos notwithstanding, Transit is most definitely a family-friendly show. It’s recommended for children over six, and the storyline is a fun take on friendship. Our seven- and nine-year old were screaming with laughter at a sequence where the cast theatrically spat wads of bubble gum into each other’s mouths. They also enjoyed watching Pierre Rivière in a fat suit, throwing doughnuts into the audience, then launching into a comical version of his earlier breathtaking aerial routine. There was barrel-loads of fun camaraderie on stage.

Transit by FLIP Fabrique

Transit was full of good-natured camaraderie

Transit is a beautiful, joy-filled show

The thing that struck me most about Transit was its beauty, created with a clever use of props. The cast juggled with clubs of glowing rainbow colours, and skipping ropes shone neon bright. The closing sequence was breathtaking. Cascades of lime and citron balls leaped around the performers, as they bounced off a trampoline and somersaulted up and down a wall of packing cases. This graceful dance up and down the trampo-wall looked almost as though it was being played in slow-motion. It must have been incredibly hard work for the cast, especially after an hour of extreme physical exertion, on a roasting hot London afternoon. But the performance was smooth, and joy-filled to the last. The FLIP Fabrique cast were working at the edge of what’s humanly possible, and their excellence shone through. We came out buzzing, happy to have had the opportunity to see such a magical show.

Transit by FLIP Fabrique

The trampo-wall was a stunning finale to the show

If you want to watch a snippet of Transit by FLIP Fabrique, here’s a trailer:

Where can I see Transit by FLIP Fabrique?

Transit by FLIP Fabrique is at Underbelly Festival, London until 7 July 2019. Ticket prices begin at 21GBP. We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review. For more information see the Underbelly website.

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