How to create a cosy hygge home this Autumn


Inspired by our trip to Denmark, I’ve put together some ideas to try and capture that Danish hygge feeling. Hygge, and Scandinavian decor, are now part of the woodwork in the UK, but I do miss our little base in west Jutland, with its cosy blankets and candles. If you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve put together a few items that I’ve spotted to help create a hygge home – and to create a cosy, warm, glow inside. It’s good to spread the love: you can never have too many hygge gifts in your stocking, so if you like the look of these, why not buy one for a friend?

What is hygge?

What does hygge mean? Hygge’s a Danish word. Hygge meaning translates roughly as ‘enjoying the good things in life, with good people around you’; a feeling of ‘cosiness, contentment and well-being’. In Denmark, people try to create ‘hyggelig’ interiors and host get-togethers in their homes, to bring some enjoyment into the cold, dark months of the year. A hygge home is one where the interior and the people create a sense of warmth and companionship.

How to pronounce hygge? It won’t have the same ring if you don’t say it in a charming Danish accent, but the closest would be ‘hoo-gah’. Although a Dane would be wound up no end if you started talking about a ‘hygge candle’, ‘hygge living room’ or ‘hygge bedroom’, cosy interiors, and the widespread use of Scandinavian style in interior design, are the biggest signs that the Danish hygge movement really has taken the UK by storm. This time of year, we’re all about the soft fabrics, indulgent foods and warm, subtle lighting. So that’s where we’ll begin.

Hygge home lighting

Lamps, candles and an open fire all create a soft glow that relaxes the mind and keeps the winter wolves at bay. Good lighting always helps set the mood for an evening of conviviality with friends, or a session curled up in a blanket with a compelling book.

How cute is this HROOME dog bedside lamp?


And there’s something very pleasing about the shape of this ELINKUME Spiral Lamp.

ELINKUME Spiral Lamp

These pendant lights from are pretty gorgeous. Do check them out – they have a staggering collection of over 30,000 lights and lamps, including lots of Scandi designs.

pendant light

Candles are a must for accompanying hygge decor, but if you’re worried about the flames, these real wax battery operated flameless LED candles are a good alternative. They even come with a timer. The two-bed cottage that was our base in Denmark had a lot of these, and it was lovely to watch them flicker in the dim light.

flameless candles for a hygge home effect

Books to create a warm, cosy glow

With mood lighting set, all that’s needed for a perfect night in is a good book. My top recommendation for this season would be This Really Isn’t About You, by Jean Hannah Edelstein. And that’s not just because Jean’s an old friend of mine. Jean’s memoir of losing her father to cancer and then finding out she has the same cancer gene, is so human it practically envelops you in a warm hug. Jean has bucketloads of stength, grit and humour, and her book won’t fail to move you.

Another book, also written by my blogging friend Penny Alexander and the marvellous Becky Goddard-Hill, is Create Your Own Happy. Aimed at 7-11 year olds, it’s a colourful, joyous selection of ideas to help keep children steadily on the path of contentment. With activities like happiness jars and calm-me-down pots, it’s something the whole family can join in with.

Cosy Lounge Ideas

Autumn home decor is all about simple, sensual pleasures. Why not try and create a hygge living room, by adding a couple of soft, sensual finishing touches? They don’t have to be Scandinavian style. Anything cosy will do.

I just love this Catherine Lansfield brushed tartan red check throw.

Tartan throw for a hygge home

And imagine sinking your feet into this shaggy rug by Modern Style Rugs.

hygge shaggy rug

Hygge clothing

Cuddly, cosy and warm. Hygge clothing is all about the sensual. Your garments don’t have to be strictly Scandi style to ooze hygge – although I’ve rather fallen in love with these Danish slippers. Made of felt – mmmmmmm.

danish slippers

So with your home all hyggelig, all that you need to beat the Autumn and Winter blues, is to snuggle up in some silky cashmere, light the candles and enjoy some hot spiced mulled wine with friends. Do you like Danish style clothes or decor?

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  • Scarlett Roitman
    October 19, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    This is all so cosy and makes me want to get into some slippers, light the candles and cosy up with a book!

  • Louise
    October 19, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    You have certainly captured the very essence if Danish hygge! Remember that it isn’t only about interior, but also a state of mind! I try to practice it from time to time here in London, but it doesn’t compare to being in my mums summerhouse in Jutland though 🙂 Loved thr lamps! Especially the dog! Super cool!
    Louise X


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