Roblox figures: action figure toys, series 6 – reviewed

Roblox action figure toys

Do your children love Roblox as much as mine? Both my ten- and seven-year old can’t wait to get stuck into it, especially when they know their friends will also be online. Roblox first came into our lives when we were on a trip to Austria. I downloaded it onto my phone for my son. Practically all of my son’s classmates have free Roblox accounts, so playing was a good way to keep in touch with his friends while we were away in Austria. Both children also found it relaxing to play Roblox when we had some afternoon downtime in our hotel room on a recent trip to Bournemouth. And it’s not just gaming: You can buy Roblox figures from some of the app’s more popular games. This brings an element of tactile, imaginative play. My son has spent hours playing with the series 5 Roblox figures that we were sent a few months ago. So he was thrilled when Roblox offered to send us some new Roblox action figure toys from series 6.

Ad: Roblox sent us series 6 figures  for the purpose of this review.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a game with a PEGI 7 rating in the UK, which means it’s suitable for children over the age of seven. This rating applies just to the games created by Roblox themselves, and it specifically states that there will be no blood. Roblox users can create their own games, which also appear online and which may fall outside the PEGI 7 rating. To make sure that your child plays Robox safely, there’s guidance in this article, which I found useful. They can play it on a mobile, PC, Mac, tablet or XBox

Roblox action figure toys: series 6

Although it’s not suitable for under-3s, Roblox merchandise is chunky, and with fewer tiny fiddly bits than other kits. The items from series 6 we received all came with a code, which can be used in Roblox online games to unlock an exclusive virtual item – a piece of clothing, for example, or an accessory. My son was particularly excited about this feature.

Roblox action figure toys

Sun Slayer and Fish Simulator. Like all Roblox series 6 action figures, they came with a code for an exclusive virtual item.

Roblox core packs retail at an affordable £6.99 for a pack with one figure. As collectibles, they’re great, because you can see which toy you’re buying. We received Sun Slayer and Fish Simulator, who both came with a few mix and match accessories. The figures are around five inches tall, and you can tell they would withstand some vigorous play. There are eight core figures in total, including VivaLaVixen, Anubis and Booga Booga: Fire Ant.

Roblox figure: Anubis

Anubis is one of the Roblox collectible core figures.

Roblox series 6 mystery boxes

If you’re looking for stocking fillers, Roblox gifts in the shape of mystery boxes are an excellent choice. For series 6, the mystery boxes come in new-look blue packaging. They retail at £3.99 for one box with a figure inside, so they’re reasonably priced for this sort of toy. When you buy the box, you can’t see what’s inside, so it’s an exciting thing to open. With 24 different figures hidden in the boxes, children can have fun swapping their Roblox collectibles with friends if they end up with any duplicates.

Roblox mystery box

Roblox figures come hidden inside a mystery box. You don’t know which one you’ll get till you open it!

Roblox mystery box toys

Vehicle Simulator: Drag Racer and Robloxian Life Clothing Store Billboard Guy are two of 24 mystery box figures to collect.

Roblox Mix n Match: Star Commandos series 6

Just like in the online Roblox world, Roblox Mix ‘n’ Match sets let fans switch heads, bodies, legs, helmets and wigs to create new characters. New for series 6, Star Commandos is based on the popular game, and it includes four action figures, four weapons, and a range of different headgear. All 12 items come for the price of £14.99

Roblox action figure toys

Star Commandos features four different figures.

One nice thing about the Roblox action figures is that the bigger sets come with a cardboard setting. My son enjoyed posing the Star Commandos figures against the background of a Martian ‘world’.

Roblox action figure toys

The figures’ helmets came off to reveal funky faces. They made us chuckle!

Roblox action figure toys

The mix ‘n’ match accessories included a bright orange wig. We loved the vibrant colours of these toys. They seemed really unique.

Roblox action figure toys

Surprise, surprise – one of the accessories was an alien head. We had fun playing with this, transforming some of the characters into aliens, to pretend the green critters had infiltrated the squad.

There are a few other exciting new series 6 Roblox action figure toys, like Jailbreak Museum Heist Deluxe Playset. The series 5 Jailbreak: Great Escape set was pretty cool – you can read about it in our review of Roblox series 5 toys. So the Museum Heist will no doubt be equally popular.

Roblox sent us figures for the purpose of this review. All views are my own. You can buy these series 6 action figures at Smyths and at all good toy retailers.

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