Roblox figures: action figure toys, series 5 – reviewed

Roblox figures - Mystery boxes

Is your child a keen Roblox player? My nine year old son loves the game. He first started playing free Roblox games on my phone when we were on a trip to Austria. Practically all of his classmates have free Roblox accounts, so playing was a good way to keep in touch with his friends while we were away, as well as fill in the downtime. He’s been a big fan ever since, which is why he was thrilled when Roblox offered to send us some new Roblox figures from series 5.

Ad: we were sent Roblox figures for the purpose of this review.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a game with a PEGI 7 rating in the UK, which means it’s suitable for children over the age of seven. This rating applies just to the games created by Roblox themselves, and it specifically states that there will be no blood. Roblox users can create their own games, which also appear online and which may fall outside the PEGI 7 rating. To make sure that your child plays Robox safely, there’s guidance in this article, which I found useful. You can play it on a mobile, PC, Mac, tablet or XBox

Roblox is a lot of fun, and it’s a way for my son and his friends to play games together when they’re not at each other’s houses. Roblox action figures based on some of the more popular games add a new dimension to the play. My son already owned one of the Roblox toy figures: Circuit Breaker, from series 1. So as well as online gaming, he used Circuit Breaker for some offline imaginative play.

Roblox figures: series 5

Roblox figures

The Roblox figures came with an exclusive code for a virtual item in the online Roblox world

Although it’s not suitable for under-3s, Roblox merchandise is chunky, and with fewer tiny fiddly bits than other kits. The items from series 5 we received all came with an exclusive code, which can be used in Roblox online games to redeem an item – a piece of clothing, for example, or an accessory.

Roblox core packs

Roblox figure: Anubis

Anubis is one of the Roblox core figures available in series 5

Roblox core packs retail at £6.99 for a pack with one figure. We received Anubis, who came with a sword and a sceptre. He’s five inches tall, and a pretty sturdy fellow. There are eight core figures in total, including VivaLaVixen, Sun Slayer and Booga Booga: Fire Ant.

Roblox mystery boxes

Roblox figures - Mystery boxes

The Roblox mystery boxes make nice gifts

If you’re looking for some nice Roblox gifts or stocking fillers, the mystery boxes are a good option. They retail at £3.99 for one box with a figure inside. When you buy the box, you can’t see what’s inside. We received Whosetrade and World Expedition: Tokyo Tourist, whose heads and accessories are interchangeable. With 24 different figures hidden in the boxes, collectors can swap figures with friends if they end up with any duplicates.

Roblox game pack: Night of the Werewolf

Roblox figures: Night of the Werewolf

Night of the Werewolf is a six-figure game pack

Night of the Werewolf comes with six figures: Cautious Citizen, Clown, Hooded Figure, Punk Metal Guy, Suspicious Citizen and Werewolf. There are a few accessories, principally a wheelchair (modelled by Suspicious Citizen above) and a rocket backpack (worn by Punk Metal Guy below).

Roblox figures: Night of the Werewolf

Punk Metal Guy wore a rocket backpack

There was also a small knife, which my son put into Werewolf’s hand for the scene he built.

Roblox figures: Night of the Werewolf

My son set up the Roblox figures to run away from the Werewolf

The Night of the Werewolf game pack retails at £14.99, which I thought was reasonable, given the number of figures included.

Roblox Jailbreak: Great Escape

Roblox multi pack Jailbreak: Great Escape

Jailbreak: Great Escape was a multi pack, with 24 pieces including accessories

My son had a lot of fun assembling the pieces and character in his Jailbreak: Great Escape kit. Jailbreak is an award-winning game, and one of the most popular on Roblox. The multi pack retails at £29.99, and it came with four figures: Raucous Recidivist and Marauding Miscreant (in identical orange convicts’ suits, but with different expressions), plus Cop and SWAT Unit.

Roblox multi pack Jailbreak: Great Escape

My son enjoyed building scenes with his Jailbreak kit

There are 20 accessories with the figures in the kit, including guns, bank notes, a bag of loot, a ladder for scaling the prison walls and a getaway bike (although it could be used as a cop’s motorbike, too).

Roblox multi pack Jailbreak: Great Escape

Jailbreak: Great Escape came with 20 accessories

Jailbreak: Great Escape was a fun kit for playing classic games of cops and robbers. It would make a nice special present for a Roblox fan.

Roblox multi pack Jailbreak: Great Escape

Do your children like to play Roblox? Which games are their favourites?

We were sent Roblox figures for the purpose of this review. All views are my own. You can buy these figures here.

Roblox have released series 6 action figures, which you can read about here.

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