Scooters for kids: a review of a JD Bug Scooter from Skate Hut

girl with scooter

Our children are growing up, and we can track their physical progress by the scooters they ride. Austin’s well into the two-wheeler, stunt scooter phase. He’s been zipping round on a slim silver model for a while now. But Gwen was still barrelling along on her toddler 3 wheel scooter, despite being the grand age of six and a half. So when Skate Hut asked us to try out one of their scooters for kids, Gwen was excited to choose a new model.

(This is a collaborative feature, and the scooter was gifted by Skatehut)

Admittedly, the main source of Gwen’s excitement was over the range of different colours available. She chose a JD Bug Original Street Scooter, in matt purple. Although the purple was what sold her on the scooter, I was pleased when she opted for JD Bug. They’re a good, solid, mid-range brand. Gwen’s scooter usually retails at £54.95, but they’re cheaper at Skate Hut right now.

JD Bug scooter

JD Bug Street Scooters come in a range of different colours.

Gwen tried the JD Bug over the weekend, and found the transition to a more grown-up two-wheeler from a children’s scooter with three wheels – two at the front, one at the back – relatively easy. The JD Bug’s footplate is nice and wide, so this helped to give her a feeling of stability.

JD Bug scooter

The JD Bug footplate.

The footplate’s also coated with a grip tape, which feels rough to the touch, and means that feet are less likely to slip off.

JD Bug scooter

The scooter’s brake is at the back.

When Gwen chose her scooter, I encouraged her to pick one that folded up. We’ve tried good scooters in the past that have been great when the kids were riding them outside, but cluttered up our indoor space when they weren’t being used. Fold-up scooters are much better when you don’t have bags of storage space. The JD Bug Original folds down, and I was impressed by how easy the foldaway mechanism was to master. It was much simpler than my son’s scooter. To his despair, I still have to ask him to help me fold it (although he’s a pro when he does it by himself, of course). But the JD Bug was easy to fold.

JD Bug scooter

The handles of the JD Bug folded neatly away.

The Street scooter’s padded handles folded down easily too. Adjusting the height was straightforward, with a pull lever.

JD Bug scooter

The JD Bug scooter comes with a detachable carry strap.

Although the JD Bug compared well in ease of folding, it was heavier than our son’s scooter. Not too weighty for Gwen to manage, though, and it’s not the heaviest on the market. She used the scooter’s thick detachable strap to carry it into the park…..and then she was off.

girl in park with scooter

The scooter’s clear wheels have chrome bearings, and it was a smooth ride. Gwen’s been very happy with it so far.

We love our JD Bug scooter, but Skate Hut has other kids scooters for sale too. They sell a wide range, from cheap scooters to the more expensive Micro scooter, the latest toddler scooter and pro scooters for youngsters who like to pull stunts.

And it you’re looking to pick up an adult scooter, a wiggle scooter or an electric scooter for kids, they have some of those, too.

Do your kids ride scooters?

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