Rocking the look: Sevylor deluxe puddle jumpers

puddle jumpers

This summer we were invited to try out Sevylor deluxe puddle jumpers: water aids for children who can’t swim, or who need an extra bit of confidence.

Sevylor’s puddle jumpers come in a range of colours and designs, from pink fairies to bright green smiley frogs. My daughter chose the pink design, and the purple/blue seahorses.

puddle jumpers

Here she is, modelling in the garden just before we packed for the trip:

Puddle Jumpers

Puddle jumpers are similar to arm-bands, but with the added support of a life jacket-type band around the chest. They are secured by an adjustable plastic buckle at the back, which has to be fastened by an adult, and is very sturdy – there was no danger of its coming undone in the water.

puddle jumpers

puddle jumpers

The deluxe puddle jumpers are made from soft water resistent fabric, with a buoyant core. They are designed for children between 15 and 30 kilos, so technically our six year old son could have fitted into one. We did insist he wear the seahorse version on a couple of occasions – when we were in a pool that was deep, with only one of us there to look after both children in the water – but as our son’s a reasonably competent swimmer, he felt a bit too old to be wearing it. Our daughter, on the other hand, welcomed the puddle jumpers as an extra holiday accessory, and insisted on wearing them even when she wasn’t going for a swim.

puddle jumpers

Check out that moody model face…..

Part of our holiday included a stay in a gite with its own pool – idyllic, except that I’d been having waking nightmares about the children drowning. With no lifeguard, and our four-year-old daughter not yet able to swim a stroke, before we left it was a worry. But all in all, we were happy with the puddle jumpers as a swim aid, and felt confident leaving our daughter to splash nearby us in the pool, without feeling the need to hold onto her all the time (we’d never have left her in the pool alone though – there are safety warnings on the puddle jumpers about this).

puddle jumpers

Have you used a swim aid for your children? What do you think of them?

We were sent two sets of deluxe puddle jumpers for the purpose of this post. Retail prices vary according to the vendor. All views are my own.


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