Should I buy walking or running shoes?

two people walking through the forest wearing running shoes

Thanks to the fact that walking and running are considered to be similar activities, an
astounding amount of people regularly fall into the trap of thinking that shoes that work for the
one activity, will work as well for the other. This, you might be surprised to find out, is a myth –
and one of many that plague the wellbeing and health of people and their feet. Here’s why that
belief is a problem.

It’s just a walk

Although walking is probably the most natural motion for a human being, many people still
suffer major aches and pains, complaining about painful joints and swollen feet after a day of
walking. Others experience alignment problems which can also lead to pain. Did you know that
many of these symptoms can be traced back to wearing the incorrect footwear, and the best
and most efficient remedy is to start wearing the right kind? But what on earth does the right
kind mean?

Walkers need to understand that cute shoes do not feature. Ever. If you spend several hours
per day on your feet, whether through your job or through a hobby, you owe it to your feet and
body to get rid of any aesthetic priorities, and rather go for shoes that can do the job. This
means a pair of shoes that can cushion and support you through the duration of your activity.
Regardless of what amazing-looking offerings the pile of shoes for sale in the store might hold,
remember that the perfect walking shoe will always take on the shape of the wearer’s feet.
Enough cushioning and a lightweight construction will go a long way in preventing blisters.

What about running shoes?

The motion of running means that the body, and the feet in particular, take quite an amount of
impact. When shopping for a pair of running shoes, don’t just be tempted by the awesome-
looking Nike Sales counter, but rather go for shoes that address all the physical concerns before
worrying about what they look like. Look for a decent padding material, which will help to
absorb the impact and help to protect your joints. If you are prone to under-pronation or
overpronation, call in the help of the shoes store sales assistant -they are trained to help you
remedy these irritating, but luckily minor, discomforts.

Not all shoes are the same

While it is fine to set aside a larger budget for a decent pair of shoes, make sure that
you still spend it wisely. Make sure that you are getting the high quality that you are paying for,
and not being ripped off.

This article should have given you plenty of reasons to start believing that a shoe is not just a
shoe. If you take anything out of this, let it be the fact that matching your shoes up to your
activities can be the one most life-changing thing you can do, as not doing so can leave you
damaged and hurt.

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