It’s official: St Lucia tops the list for Londoners’ last-minute holidays

St Lucia

Where is your favourite destination for last-minute holidays? Jamaica, Cuba or Croatia? Mexico, or the Canary Islands? The answer will depend on where in the UK you live. Leading online travel agency loveholidays have analysed last-minute bookings from its customers all over the country. The results are as varied as haggis and lavabread, chip butties and whelks. Just check out the loveholidays interactive travel trend finder, to see the differences.

We live in London, and our next-door neighbours are often in the habit of jetting off to St Lucia. They’re in good company, according to loveholidays’ analysis, which found that Londoners were more likely than other Brits to book last-minute holidays to the Caribbean island, along with other long-haul destinations like Jamaica and Sri Lanka. Cyprus, Morocco and Turkey are also popular among people that live in the UK capital.

A while back, I posted about how Tenerife and Scotland might be long-lost cousins, sharing a flag as well as some other key characteristics. Well, it seems that the pull of Tenerife and other Canaries runs deep in the veins of some Scots. Glaswegians are twice as likely as the national average to book last-minute holidays to the Canary Islands. The sentiments aren’t shared across the whole country, however. Those in Edinburgh prefer the US – and they spurn the advances of roamantic Italy. They’re six times less likely to go there, than people in other parts of the UK.

Teide National Park

Teide Park, Tenerife. One of the Canary Islands beloved of Glaswegians.

The differences can be stark for neighbours who live just down the road from each other. Croatia‘s among the most popular choice for people in Essex, but if you just hop across the border south into London, Croatia’s bottom of the list. Up in Sunderland, Bulgaria‘s a firm favourite, but head fifteen miles north, to Newcastle, and you’ll find the residents prefer Majorca.

Liverpool and Manchester have always been arch rivals – but perhaps the title ‘frenemies’ might be more apt for their relationship when it comes to booking last-minute holidays. Inhabitants of both cities share a love of islands, but Liverpudlians prefer the Greek Islands, whereas Mancunians love Barbados. They’re twice as likely to go there on a last-minute holiday than people living in other parts of the UK.

Havana Cuba

Cool Cuba is popular with Brummies.

People living in the fastest-growing city in the UK, Birmingham, flock to another destination that’s rapidly growing and changing: Cuba. Although the Caribbean destination is twice as popular with Brummies as the national average, other long-haul destinations, like Sri Lanka and Thailand, are less popular. Yorkshire folk also turn down long-haul destinations, in favour of exotic places closer to home, like Morocco, Egypt and Turkey.

There’s no doubt that last-minute holidays are phenomenally popular this year. Google reports searches up 269% month on month. Christian Armond from loveholidays comments, “There are still some great deals available for holidays this summer and we’re expecting even more last-minute bookings after the World Cup!
This fun tool [the interactive travel trend finder] shows where people are booking from many of the UK’s cities, and our easy to use website can help our customers find their perfect holiday by price, weather, board basis or budget rather than just location.”

Have you booked a last-minute holiday recently? Where did you go, and does it fit with loveholidays’ findings?

This is a collaborative post. All images are from Pixabay.


  • Louise
    September 10, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    Interesting read! Does it say anything about, where families prefer to go? We are quite new in the business. Thank God I have your blog to inspire me 😀

    • Nell
      September 11, 2018 at 9:38 am

      This study was only people in general – they didn’t break it down to families etc. Our London family wouldn’t say no to Saint Lucia, though!


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