Sylvanian Families Town series: Elegant Town Manor. And super-cute Polar Bear Family!

Sylvanian Families chocolate rabbits in elegant town manor

Sylvanian Families are an enduring classic. They first came out way back in in 1985. Ever since then they’ve been massively popular with children who love the cute, winsome animals dressed in period costumes. The characters and settings have evolved since their beginnings. One of the newest ranges is the Sylvanian Families Town series. It includes a Gelato Shop, a Ride Along Tram and a Delicious Restaurant, which my daughter owns and which she loves playing with.

Sylvanian Families Delicious Restaurant

The Sylvanian Families Delicious Restaurant is a firm favourite in our house.

Sylvanian Families dinnerware

The Delicious Restaurant came with teeny-tiny tableware.

Ad: Sylvanian Familes sent us a Sylvanian House, and some Sylvanian Families figures. All views are my own.

The Sylvanian Families Town series: great for imaginative play

Sylvanian Families make great imaginative play toys. My daughter owns most of the Chocolate Rabbit family, and we love concocting little stories around the characters. Each of the Sylvanian Families sets comes with a tiny booklet with a story inside, which helps bring the characters alive. We’ve really enjoyed playing with Freya Rabbit, and her older sister Stella, a fashion designer. Stella is rather stylish, and she lives in the Town, according the little books. So we often pretend that she’s invited the rest of the Chocolate Rabbit family to her house for a party.

Sylvanian Families Town series: Elegant Town Manor

One of the sets Sylvanian Families sent us was the Elegant Town Manor.

Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor

The Elegant Town Manor came in a brightly coloured box.

The Elegant Town Manor is a Sylvanian Families house with an ornate balcony, a spiral staircase, and gold-coloured gates. It looks very fine indeed. Perfect for the sophisticated Stella!

Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor

Stella Rabbit seems at home in the Elegant Manor.

Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor

The Town Manor came in a handful of big, chunky pieces which were easy to put together.

Sylvanian Families Town Series Elegant Town Manor

The Elegant Manor came in big chunky sections, which were easy to put together.

The Manor’s spiral staircase could be placed in a few different locations: at the front of the Manor, leading down from the curved balcony, or at the back of the house, on the interior.

Sylvanian Families Elegant Town Manor

Children can move the spiral staircase, the railings and the flat ground sections around to create the perfect setting for their games.

One lovely accessory was the chandelier, which slotted easily onto the ceiling of the top floor.

Sylvanian Families chocolate rabbits in elegant town manor

A chandelier helped the Chocolate Rabbit family dine in style.

Mix and match play sets

One good feature of the Town series is that the Sylvanian Families sets are designed so that you can slot them together. So while the Elegant Town Manor is a complete set in its own right (minus the Sylvanian Families accessories and figures, which you need to buy separately), you can combine it with other Town series sets. My daughter saved up her pocket money to buy Stella’s Design Studio. It slots very neatly onto the top of the Manor, turning the two-storey house into a three-storey mansion.

Sylvanian Families Town series ELegant Town Manor

If you add Stella’s Design Studio, the Elegant Town Manor converts from two to three storeys.

The Manor’s chandelier sits under the ceiling of the top floor, so when the Design Studio is inserted on top of the second storey, the chandelier still dangles down. It makes Stella’s room look very swish indeed.

Stella Rabbit in her Design Studio

Stella Rabbit’s furniture came with the Design Studio, which my daughter saved up her pocket money to buy.

Sylvanian Families Polar Bear Family

One new character playset, released for Christmas 2019, is the Polar Bear Family. Don’t you think they’re so sweet?

Sylvanian Families Polar Bear family

The super-cute Polar Bear family launched for Christmas 2019.

We have no doubt that the Polar Bears will have lots of fun playing with the Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit family.

Do you like Sylvanian Families? It’s definitely going to be a Sylvanian Families Christmas in our house!

You can find out more on the Sylvanian Families website.

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