The Pigeons’ travel list. Our favourite travel accessories, cool gadgets, good books and fun games for May and June 2019

travel accessories for a day at the lido: denim tote bag, straw hat, kaftan and Melmoth by Sarah Perry

Hello again! Welcome to our round-up of travel accessories, games, toys and other gadgets. What with the May school half term and the summer break just around the corner, it feels as though the holidays are in full swing. So here are some items that are on our travel list for May and June – and some that we’ve been enjoying at home.

Lucky Fortune collectable bracelets

I sometimes find it useful to have some new toys for the children to open and play with on a long journey. The new collectable Lucky Fortune bracelets from WowWee are a nice little gift for when we’re on the road.

Lucky Fotune collectible bracelets

The bracelets come inside a plastic ‘fortune cookie’, which opens up to reveal a bracelet inside, as well as a fortune. There are 100 bracelets, and one – the ‘ultra-rare’ bracelet – is a real gold-dipped four-leaf clover.

Lucky Fortune collectible bracelet

My daughter didn’t find the four-leaf clover in the four that WowWee sent us. She was, however, very excited to find a peace sign, heart, sunglasses and musical notes. She’s now keen to buy some more with her pocket money. If we end up with any duplicates, I know she’ll have fun swapping them with her friends.

Denim tote bag by Hello Sunday

travel accessories for a day at the lido: denim tote bag, straw hat, kaftan and Melmoth by Sarah Perry

All set for a morning at the Lido

When the first rays of warm sunshine appeared over Easter, the beautiful weather prompted me to dig out my straw hat collection. You can’t be too prepared, eh? And so I was super-pleased when the lovely people at Hello Sunday sent me a denim tote bag. It’s perfect for carrying round the bits and bobs I need for a day out in the sunshine.

Denim tote bag by Hello Sunday

The Hello Sunday tote bag has nautical stripes inside.

I do love this bag. Its blue and white colour combination, and the ‘porthole’ design feature, remind me of the sea. It even has jaunty nautical stripes on the cotton lining. The leather straps are good quality. They’re slim, but they look as though they’d be strong enough to take the weight of all the spare clothes, kids’ toys and reading material I need for one of our family days out. But I might try and keep this chic bag for a morning when I get a chance to nip off by myself, to do a bit of work by the side of the lido, and go for a sneaky dip. Summer’s nearly here – yay! You can find the denim tote bag, along with lots of other nice goodies, on the Hello Sunday website.

Kings of the Yukon, by Adam Weymouth

Kings of the Yukon, a book by Adam Weymouth. Image of bear in backgound

After my trip to Canada I’ve really been enjoying reading this book, which is partially set in the country. In Kings of the Yukon, British writer and conservationist Adam Weymouth goes on an epic journey down the 2,000 mile long Yukon River, which flows through the wilds of Canada and Alaska to the Bering Sea. The salmon that migrate the river’s length to spawn are decreasing in number. This dramatic shift in the ecosystem is having a big impact on the people that live along the Yukon. Sometimes alone in his canoe, sometimes accompanied by his partner, Weymouth spends time with the people of the Yukon, to find out how the King salmon are a central part of indigenous culture.  He re-tells their stories with sensitivity and humour. Kings of the Yukon is a great read for anyone interested in travel, the environment, or people whose lives are very different to ours. You can buy the book here. It’s also available as an audiobook.

Ion8 leakproof water bottles

Ion8 leakproof water bottle

We have a set of four of these Ion8 leakproof 500ml water bottles, and they’ve really come in handy while we’ve been on the road. They’re PBA free, and designed for hot drinks as well as cold (although they’re not thermal). The bottles are nice and wide around the neck, so they’re easy to clean out. And although the lid pops open easily enough for a small child to manage, there’s a flip catch that stops it from opening accidentally, and spilling everywhere. As well as this heart design, we have bottles in elegant shades of rose, maroon, and aqua. You can see more colours, and buy the Ion8 water bottles, here.

My Fairy Kitchen Garden

My Fairy Kitchen Garden

Our Fairy Kitchen Garden thrived while we were away over Easter

Before we left London for our Easter travels, our daughter planted seeds in her Fairy Kitchen Garden. And lo and behold, when we returned home, pea shoots had taken over fairy Fenn’s garden! Our daughter loved this set, which is the new item in the Fairy Garden range. Fenn’s garden is surrounded by a picket fence, and she has a little fairy house to live in, with a door that opens and shuts. We added our own soil, planted the seeds that came in the kit, watered it regularly – and boom. We’re looking forward to eating the first crop this weekend. You can buy a Fairy Kitchen Garden here.

Thames and Kosmos Engineering Makerspace: Geared-Up Gadgets

Children looking at toy helicopter

My son enjoyed putting together a helicopter with gears

If your children have ever asked you how a car or an aeroplane works, and you’ve been stumped for an answer, then Geared-Up Gadgets, a new kit from Thames and Kosmos, might be able to help.

It’s aimed at children over eight and I’d say that’s about right. My daughter’s seven, and although she was desperate to have a go, I think she might have found the kit a bit fiddly to put together. My son is nine, and although he did need a tiny bit of help a couple of times, he was able to follow the instructions to build the fantastic helicopter in the picture above. It’s one of five different models he could have chosen.

We had lots of fun making the helicopter together, and it was a great way to learn about engineering, including the physics of force, motion, energy and levers. The gears inside the helicopter connect together to turn round the propellors, and there’s a couple of pages inside the instruction booklet explaining all about how gears work. I’d be interested to try out the other kits in the Engineering Makerspace range: Kinetic Machines, Alien Robots and Off Road Rovers. Which would you choose?

To find out more about the Thames and Kosmos Engineering Makerspace range, click here.

Estarer DSLR camera and laptop bag

Estarerer DSLR camera and laptop bag

This DSLR camera and laptop bag would make a great Father’s Day gift. Inside there’s a padded space with adjustable padded dividers, so as well as your camera and laptop, you can pack your lenses and flash. It’s a sturdy, functional bag and is good value, too. You can buy the Estarer DSLR Camera and Laptop bag here.

Are you going away this Spring? Which items would be on your travel list?

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Disclosure: I was gifted some of these items, and others I bought myself. All views are my own. This post contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small amount of commission if you click through and buy one of the products.


  • Scarlett Roitman
    May 10, 2019 at 5:28 pm

    Love that Fairy Kitchen Garden! I’m surprised the fairy left you anything to eat.

    • Nell
      May 13, 2019 at 8:43 pm

      Well I arrived back from France to find a lot gone! I think she’s been having a nibble…..


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